Meet me

Meet me

Twitter is a social media site, and its primary purpose is to connect people and allow people to share their thoughts with a big audience.

Majority of Nigerians, including celebrities use Twitter to get trending news. On the other hand this app is also used for interacting with friends, while others see it as a platform for advertising businesses.

What makes Twitter unique from other social media platforms is it’s immediacy. Users are able to bear witness to, report, and comment on global events almost in real time. I agree that Twitter still has much unlocked potential.

Another distinguinshing feature of the twitter app is its ability to give and follow trends worldwide. A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time. … It presents activity based on real-time hashtag use and not topics that have been popular for a while.

Among trends on TWITTER now is DANGOTE. Follow this trend and see reactions below:

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