Controversial Nigerian Gay Man Bisi Alimi Recently Warned Fans to Stop Invoving Him in the Ongoing Fight Between Crossdressers Bobrisky and James Brown.

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Controversial Nigerian gay man Bisi Alimi recently warned fans who are trying to involve him in the ongoing feud between crossdressers, Bobrisky and James Brown.

Bisi Alimi took to his Instagram page to emphatically stress that he is not interested in the drama ensuing between the two aforementioned effeminate crossdressers because he is too old for that.

According to the HIV advocate, the Bobrisky messy clash with James Brown whose account was deleted after Bobrisky accused him of content theft and promised to deal with him which would land him in jail is not his cup of tear.

In the caption that accompanied the post, the gay man wrote:

“Please…all of you stop dragging in James Brown’s and Bobrisky’s drama. I am not interested so please stop it now.”

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