How to Become a Dentist in Bitlife

If you’ve got a passion for dentistry and want to see that type of life play out in BitLife, then you’re only a bit of schooling away from making it happen! This isn’t an overly difficult career path to take in the game, and it also pays pretty well, so it’s worthwhile to learn how you can obtain it.

To become a Dentist in Bitlife, you will need to graduate from High School, head off to University, and then go to Dental School! Once you’ve graduated from Dental School, you can then find a job as a Dentist.

When you start your character, you’re going to want to make sure they have a high Smarts stat. Keep restarting your life until you’ve got at least 80 or more. Now, we just need to make sure to study hard each year we’re in school, and go ahead and head to the Library as much as possible to boost it more.

Once you reach High School, you will want to get involved with at least two extracurricular activities. These should help us get a scholarship into University as long as we’ve been studying hard and have high intelligence. Once you graduate, apply to a University and major in something that is science based. Chemistry or something similar will be what you need. Now, study hard and join a couple more extracurricular options in college. Once you’ve completed University, seek higher education and go to Dentistry School! You don’t need to bother studying hard now, it shouldn’t make a difference.

Once you graduate from Dentistry School, look for a job and there should be Dentist jobs available to you. Now, just work hard each year, and you should be able to hold onto the job long enough to earn the dentist achievement!


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