Publish Your Books On Amazon Kindle & Make Money!

Publish Your Books On Amazon Kindle & Make Money!

To professionally edit and publish your books, call or whatsapp us now for a Quotation. Call or whatsapp on 0803-915-8449.



Good day to you. How are you doing today?

Do you know you can invest money in writing and publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle and other ebook digital channels worldwide and make good money?

Do you know you can make regular income from ebook publishing if you invest good money into this business and if you let us handle everything for you as professionals?

Do you know that no matter your book genre or category, there are people who are ready to pay for your talent/ideas and buy your book from different parts of the world?

We are Professional Book Editors and Publishers. We are a self-publishing outfit and you will pay us for our services to publish your books for you. The author pays for all our services and we render professional services to ensure your book comes out to international standards.

We will professionally edit and publish your books for you as ebooks digital copies on various online stores worldwide and you’ll smile to the bank.


1. We will publish your book as ebook on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Kobo, Google Books, OkadaBooks, Lulu, iBooks and other major ebook digital distributors worldwide.

2. We will professionally edit your books.

3. We will do a professional cover design for your book.

4. Ebook formatting to several ebook digital formats such as Kindle, rtf, epub, PDF, Zip, DjVu, BBeB, RRC, PDB, etc.

5. Assignment of digital ISBN to your ebook for worldwide marketing and distribution.

6. Professional proofreading services.

7. All necessary ebook digital files to be sent to the author/client in all ebook file formats such as rtf, epub, PDF, Zip, DjVu, BBeB, RRC, PDB, etc.

8. Your book will be uploaded on all major ebook stores worldwide.

9. Author Page advisory and branding to professionally acceptable standards.

10. Book description professional writing.

11. Author bio professional writing.

12. You have an opportunity to choose between any of our ebook promotional and marketing plans with discounted rates to promote and market your book to over 150 countries worldwide.

13. You have an opportunity to choose between our Amazon ebook promotional selling plans to sell your book directly to readers worldwide who are eager to buy your book.

1. Make sure you have finished writing your book before contacting us. We don’t handle unfinished manuscripts.

2. It’s advisable to publish at least three books at once or one after the other in measured sequence, to be able to make meaningful impact in the ebook market. The more books you publish, the better your chances of making meaningful income.

3. It’s not enough to publish your books, you must also promote and market the book to be able to reach millions of people worldwide.

4. We require all serious authors who want to publish with us to send their books to us and we’ll evaluate it and send you a Quotation for professional editing and ebook publishing accordingly. We cannot determine the cost of editing or publishing any book we’ve not seen.

5. We require upfront payment of 70% of the total cost of editing and publishing your book before commencement of your job.

6. For those of you who have not yet written your books and you want us to ghostwrite your books for you, then we’ll do so and it will be written in your own name. We will give you a Quotation on the cost of ghostwriting, professional editing and ebook publishing and any other services you require accordingly.

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